Strategy Implementation, Monitoring And Evaluation

It is important to appreciate that the right Strategic Plan is not all that is needed to realize the vision and mission of SACBTA. Strategy implementation is the vehicle for successful strategy implementation.

Strategy Implementation

Strategy implementation is a management responsibility with EXCO exercising an oversight role. Implementation requires that all employees are aligned to the strategy through a performance management system.

Individual Performance

SACBTA needs to align their employees at all levels to the organization’s strategy in order to ensure that employees make strategy part of their daily lives and make strategy everyone’s everyday job. It is at an operational level that one can link an individual’s performance with the performance of the organization as a whole by aligning operational goals to his/her performance plan.  At this level it can be clearly measured via quarterly performance reviews as to how an individual is contributing towards obtaining the organization’s strategic goals and improving the performance of the organization by the level of individual performance towards operational goals of his/her component. Furthermore the organization should seriously look into establishing an internal reward and recognition system that would encourage employees at striving towards achieving individual goals related to strategy.

Monitoring and Evaluation and Organisational Performance Management

Monitoring, evaluation and control is the process by which organisational activities and performance results are monitored and actual performance compared with desired performance.

Plan monitoring is essential for tracking inputs, activities, outputs, and for determining whether Plan Implementation is on course or not. It is also essential to assess how much is being achieved Vis-a –viz the Plan objectives. This will make it possible for the corrective measures to be taken or for implementation strategies to be revised if it should appear that the plan is off track.

Plan monitoring is an ongoing process, punctuated by periodic evaluations/reviews on a quarterly and annual basis. Monitoring and evaluation/periodic reviews are essentially the responsibility of management, reporting performance levels to EXCO. At the end of the plan period, EXCO should call for an evaluation to assess the extent to which the plan achieved objectives.

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SACBTA President
SACBTA President, Sudecar Novera

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