Subsequent to the thorough evaluation and assessment of the situation as deduced from the SWOT and PEESTL analysis, strategic themes were formulated. These are the Key Strategic Focus Areas, the result areas in which SACBTA is expected to deliver results to achieve its vision and mission.

  • Programmes Development and Management
  • SACBTA and National Associations Capacity Building

Strategies will be implemented to develop/increase capacity in SACBTA and National Associations. These will be informed by comprehensive capacity assessments of these institutions. Strategies will include; training of leadership, learning tours of Best Practice related institutions. Capacity building will be targeted at EXCO members.

  • Promotion of ease of trading by cross border traders 

Strategies will include; continued review of STR and policies that impact on cross border trading, recruitment of new member states into SACBTA and advocating member states to provide trading spaces and facilities.

  • Publicising SACBTA works

A communication strategy will be developed and implemented. This will include developing and publicising/distributing policy papers, newsletters, and pamphlets through the website and in hard copy to stakeholders. SACBTA will conduct radio and television presentations/shows in SADC countries.

  • Monitoring and Evaluating SACBTA and National Associations Programmes

A monitoring and evaluation framework will be developed, installed and implemented to improve programming in SACBTA and National Associations.

  • Good Governance

To promote good governance, adherence to the constitution will be monitored through EXCO meetings, a governance manual will be developed and implemented, EXCO members will be trained and an annual audit and independent SACBTA governance performance review will be undertaken. Recommendations from these exercises will be implemented.

  • SACBTA Institutional Strengthening

Informed by the capacity assessment reports, institutional capacity strengthening will be undertaken. Organisational policies (Human & Financial) will be reviewed/developed, SACBTA will be sufficiently equipped and staff trained.

  • Networking and Partnership Development and Management

Networks and partnerships that promote the cause of SACBTA will be established. This will be achieved through among others; holding SACBTA trade forum, web searching of potential partners and attending relevant platforms/spaces.

  • Resource mobilisation

Adequate resources are required to implement SACBTA programmes and for institutional support. A resource mobilisation strategy will be developed and implemented. Strategies will include; proposal writing, engagement of donors and business communities, collection of subscriptions and engaging in income generating projects.

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Special acknowledgement and appreciation goes also to the cross border traders for their invaluable time and critical views in providing insights during the consultative processes. SACBTA extends its appreciation and gratitude to the many individuals who provided technical review and offered suggestions and contributions to the development of this strategy.

SACBTA President
SACBTA President, Sudecar Novera

please let us know if you have a question?