Malawi Cross Border Traders Association (MCBTA) to conduct STR Sensitisation on 16-18 January 2019

SADC finally has developed the STR protocol that will be implemented under trade facilitation. The proposed STR protocol will simplify Customs Clearance procedures that assist small scale cross border traders to easily import and export goods.

The simplified clearance procedure under SADC will facilitate trade especially women small cross border traders.

Why is it necessary to implement the STR?

The SADC Simplified Trade Regime is being proposed to solve the problems faced by small scale cross border traders such as:

  1. Lack of knowledge and information on the benefits of trading with other SADC countries
  2. Complex documents and complicated processes of filling the current forms
  3. Increased clearance costs
  4. Delays in the clearing of goods and processing of tax refunds

The STR intends to overcome the above challenges by simplifying the whole process of clearing goods for small scale cross border traders by way of introducing:

  1. A proposed Regional common list of goods and simplified certificate of origin that should be signed and stamped by revenue authority officials at borders.
  2. A simplified customs document – traders are supposed to declare goods that appear on the regional Common List and duty is not payable on the declared goods.
  3. A proposed $5000 threshold on registered or formalized traders.

Expected Outcome

  • SACBTA develops demands for SADC STR to address challenges small scale cross border traders face in the SADC region
  • Report submitted

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