Guiding Principles for this Strategy

Six basic principles informed the development of this strategy:

  1. Teamwork – success of gender integration ultimately depends on the collective efforts of everyone in
  2. Equal opportunity – providing equal opportunity, while not sufficient, is a necessary condition for closing or bridging gender gaps in cross border trade;
  3. Equity –through ensuring recognition of difference
  4. Intersectionality – there is no universal ‘men or women’s experience’ and as other scholars have argued, men and women come only in different socio-economic classes, cultures, educational status and so This therefore calls for the need to go beyond counting the number of women, but also asking, which women – and understanding the interaction of gender and other social categories and identities.
  5. Banishing Silences – there is need to proactively seek and amplify women’s voices, and those of other vulnerable groups
  6. Critical Perspective – individuals need to understand, examine, and challenge the status Gender integration is not about ‘bringing women into the mainstream or balancing men and women’. Rather, also should be about questioning the mainstream – because perhaps it may not meet the desires and expectations of women.
  7. Accountability – there is need to set reasonable gender equality targets, track progress, adjust approaches, and be accountable to men and women that SACBTA exists
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Special acknowledgement and appreciation goes also to the cross border traders for their invaluable time and critical views in providing insights during the consultative processes. SACBTA extends its appreciation and gratitude to the many individuals who provided technical review and offered suggestions and contributions to the development of this strategy.

SACBTA President
SACBTA President, Sudecar Novera

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